how to improve laptop gaming performance

improve laptop gaming performance

PC gaming is a multi-billion industry, and it’s still growing.  If you’re a game enthusiast, we’ve got a treat for you; we shed more light on how you can optimize your laptop for a fulfilling experience. However, optimizing your hardware is just a piece of the puzzle: games themselves have plenty of hidden potentials that can significantly improve the way they look and feel.


Playing games should not be an exercise of frustration. Read on some of our fantastic tips and learn how you can optimize your laptop.


1) Update your drivers


Your graphics card is the centerpiece of your gaming experience and running old drivers is not a good idea If you want the best performance. Going from the driver that came either with your laptop or with your graphics card to the latest version can improve your overall experience significantly. Surprisingly, many of the gamers fail to update their drivers to the newest version.


These days, PCs running on standard OS such as Windows, macOS, and Linux have systems that are based around the same hardware, with the same architecture, and therefore updating your drivers is not a hassle anymore, but a slight inconvenience that has been swallowed up in the standard OS update.


However, when it comes to graphics drivers, it quite challenging since most systems do not offer automatic updates. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure the management software such as Nvidia GeForce or AMD gaming Evolved is set to update automatically.


2) Tweak-in game settings


Updating your drivers will get you only so far. Adjusting your game setting allows you to gain frames per second, which makes your laptop games run faster and improve your overall experience. Ideally, you’ll want to run your game at your monitor’s native resolution.


Another game set that is often ignored is the display setting. While adjusting the display setting improves your gaming performance, it may reduce texture quality.


It’s amazing how games provide quite a range of options, and so it’s worth having a closer look at the custom video setting in each game before playing. You can experiment with the settings and see what works best for your system. Aim to strike a balance between how the game looks and how it plays on the network.

optimum-video-settings-for-games how to improve laptop gaming performance

3) Disable background apps


Some OS, such as windows are notorious for allowing applications to run in the background, taking valuable resources and energy that could better be used by the games you choose to play. By using your task manager, you can figure out what is running in the background that you are not using and kill it, and this will free valuable resources you need for improved play.


4) Consider third-party programs


If you think you’re not up to the task of performing all the above changes, you can invest in third-party game optimization software. The game-boosting programs re an option if you’re scared to tweak the setting manually or the high tip are not working.


Typical game-boosting software tweaks the graphics settings, defrag your system and even overclock your order to improve your gaming performance. The programs provide a one-dial approach to tuning up all your gaming settings automatically.


Even though the programs have the potential to improve your system’s performance by tweaking key settings, the can be risky since changes in the parameters may affect your registry.

Speed-up-your-Computer-1024x576 how to improve laptop gaming performance





how computer changed the world Every Year?

computer changed the world

It is true that computers keep on evolving and their capabilities are becoming important in our day to day activities. How computer changed the world every year? Well, it’s a truism that computers are powerful devices that are making life easy. While computers might be an important aspect of our lives, not many people are aware of how they impact our lives. Simply put, most computers comprises of special processing hardware. The computing hardware has special logic gates which help in calculations and general computing tasks. The size of these logic gates keeps on reducing with each passing year, meaning that computers are becoming powerful with each passing day. Computers are evolving each day to become a crucial aspect of most societies today.

Evolution and revolution

Each wave of novel computational solutions often paves the way for new systems and products that improve our quality of life. Computers have evolved from being simple manual devices such as the abacus, which was used in performing calculations to high-end mainframes. The first well knew digital calculators were developed in the World War II. Following this, the capabilities and functionalities of these devices have improved significantly over the years. The conventional computer features at least one processing aspect, which is in most cases a CPU. The functionality of the conventional CPU has improved significantly to make these devices powerful computing solution.

Broadly speaking, the history of computing hardware has comprised of the following general categorizations:

  • The First generation (mechanical/electromechanical)- pascals calculator and the difference engine
  • The Second generation (vacuum tubes)- Atanasoff–Berry Computer
  • The Third generation (discrete transistors and LSI integrated circuits)- BUNCH and Colossus
  • The Fourth generation (VLSI integrated circuits)- Intel 4040 and Zilog Z80
  • The Theoretical/experimental- quantum computers

How computers have changed the world each year

Computers are simply special devices that can process data and provide output. These devices are often customized to achieve some form of goal or computing functionality. Computers have evolved significantly over the years to become a crucial aspect of our lives today. In fact, these tools are found almost everywhere. This includes microwaves, mobile phones, alarm systems, vehicles, medical machines, televisions and more. The computers make it simple to complete everyday tasks, and they also make life easier.

More so, we also have computers which are devices which one can use for computing purposes. This includes tablets, laptops, desktops and more. These types of computers are essential in almost every critical discipline in life. This includes medicine, science, engineering, construction among many others. Computers were initially essential devices which were large and could only perform basic computations. However, these contrivances have improved significantly over the years to make them key solutions for computing purposes.


Taking all things into perspective, computers keep on evolving with each passing year, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are various types of computers and with as many different functionalities. These things are becoming powerful and compact, which makes them integral aspects of our lives.

how long do gaming laptops last

Gaming Laptop Timeline

Similar to any type of product that is available on the consumer market today, gaming laptops also have a lifespan. In most cases, the lifespan of a good gaming laptop often averages at a few years, though some can even last for a decade. Various important factors come into play when determining how long do gaming laptops last. The following are some of the notable factors to consider when it comes to laptop longevity:

Frequency of use

The amount of time you spend playing on the gaming computer plays a major role in its longevity. A good laptop should have the capacity to provide long-lasting gaming benefits for your needs. That said, most high-end gaming laptops are designed to withstand several hours of gaming or heavyweight applications as well.

new-laptops how long do gaming laptops last

Brand company

Also, you also need to consider the brand for your gaming needs. While some laptops feature high-end hardware resources, they are not sometimes perfect for gaming. The inferior models might run your games for a while but might soon become prone to faults and computing complications. Some of the top computers for gaming include Razr, HP, Acer and more


A computer requires maintenance every once in a while to ensure that it’s running perfectly. In fact, how you take care of your laptop will help you to address any faulty parts on time. It also allows you to improve the longevity and functionalities of the components that are available on your device.


Taking all things into perspective, there is no space for poor decision making especially when it comes to choosing the ideal gaming laptop. Choosing a good laptop means that you can get a device that can last for several years and can withstand any games that you throw at it.

How many hard drives can I have in my computer

hard drives for computers

Computers comprise of different types of hardware which are used for different computing purposes. Each aspect of the computers is essential, and you can easily upgrade them for improved functionality. Although one can be able to upgrade their computing device, not many people have insight into how to achieve this goal. For instance, when it comes to addressing how many hard drives can I have on my computer? Well, there are several factors that you should consider for the best results. For those who are not aware, a hard drive is simply the part of your computer which stores data. There are several types of hard drives and choosing the appropriate one means that you consider some few factors. They include:

How many hard drives can you have:

Type of hard disk

There are various types of hard drives. These include the internal and external hard drives. If it’s a laptop computer, you can only have a maximum of one internal hard drive. That said, you can use as many external hard drives as your computer can accommodate. Also, you will also have to consider your computing power. A good computer has powerful hardware that can process the large data found on most hard drives.

Computer type

Computers typically fall into two main categories. This includes the laptop and desktop computers. In particular, most laptop computer brands can accommodate a maximum of one hard drive. This is because most laptops are designed to be compact and finding space to introduce a new device is difficult. Additionally, if it’s a desktop, then you can install several hard drives. In fact, some contemporary models can be able to accommodate as many have four internal hard drives and without compromising on speed.

hard-drive-from-Western-Digital How many hard drives can I have in my computer

Computer purposes and functionality

Another important factor to consider relates to the expected functionality of the computer. For instance, if you want to store several types of items on your computer, then you might require several hard drives. This is especially true since most computers come with standardly sized hard drives.

Other important factors

If you want to be able to own a computer with several hard drives, then you have to consider some few factors. For instance, you want to purchase a laptop that comes with two hard drive bays. If the laptop can accommodate two internal hard drives, and it can also accommodate one SSD and one hard drive. These laptops exist, but you are likely to find them heavy and not portable.

More so, if you don’t have any additional connectors, you might have to install an IDE controller card. You have to ensure that the computer motherboard can support the IDE or you can opt for the Serial ATA versions instead.

harddrive-upgrade-1024x576 How many hard drives can I have in my computer


Taking all the important factors into perspective, having the ability to install several types of hard drives is important. It lets you expand the computation capabilities of your device and to achieve your computing goals as well. That said, you need to consider various important factors before you can install new storage mechanisms.

how much ghz is good for gaming

good for gaming

Getting a good laptop for gaming

Gaming can be experienced with almost any type of laptop. However, experiencing next-generation games requires that you own the appropriate hardware and software for the best performance. This is why making informed choices when you choose a computer is important. In particular, one might ask how much Ghz is good for gaming? Well, you should take various factors into account. For those who are not aware, Ghz refers to Gigarherts in full. It a special metric that is used to classify the computing power of any processor. There are various types of processors and with as many different GHz levels. It’s important to note that Ghz is metric that is related to various other performance features.

Which processor is good for gaming

Nowadays the range of CPUs available from companies such as Intel and AMD is highly diverse. For instance, both of these companies keep on introducing new products on the consumer market. This makes it somewhat difficult to track the amount of CPU power that you require for your needs. For instance, AMD recently released the Ryzen 7, Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 4. Also, Intel has also been busy in the consumer market. The company recently released the Kaby Lake processor just at the beginning of the years. Broadly speaking laptops that have i5 and i7 processors with a good RPM are good for gaming. When it comes to desktops i3s, i5s and i7 processors are all ideal for gaming.

Does one need to have the latest gaming processes to enjoy gaming? Of course not, gamers from all corners of the world are still enjoying gaming without these contemporary processors. Also, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive processor to enjoy the ideal gaming experience. In fact, contemporary gaming machines can accommodate most games.

What-Makes-A-Good-Gaming-Laptop how much ghz is good for gaming

That said you might have to customize the computer to ensure that it meets your gaming performance needs. Owning a computer with sufficient GHz will provide various benefits. It helps to reduce the likelihood of overworking the computer and to improve its performance as well. The amount of Ghz is just one of the important factors that you should consider.


While considering the Ghz level of a computer is important, you should also consider other equally important factors for the best results. In fact, you can only enjoy full CPU performance when you have installed and implemented the appropriate techniques. This includes:

  • l Ensure that you have the appropriate hardware and software
  • l Update all programs and software
  • l Clean and dust your computer every once in a while
  • l Avoid overworking the computer for continuous periods


In looking at things from the broader perspective, the level of Ghz plays an important role in the performance of your computer. Simply put, it is the main metric that demonstrates the computing power of the processor. That said, you also need to ensure other equally important factors are addressed for the best PC performance.

how to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop

gaming experiences

Boosting the performance of your laptop

What happens when you have an outmoded laptop, and you want to enjoy the best of computer gaming experiences? Well, you might have to consider the following tips for how to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop. While this may seem like a technical task for some, it can be quite straightforward provided that you make informed decisions. The following are some of the top tips for you to take into account:

Turning it into a gaming computer:

Nvidia-1024x682 how to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop

Evaluate the computer hardware

The first important step In this process is to ensure that you evaluate the hardware on the computer. In particular, you want to determine which aspects are weak and whether you have the budget to get replacement parts. A good recommendation is to note down the specific hardware models and their serial numbers. This will make it easy to purchase and invest in replacement parts.

Purchase the hardware

You will need to purchase the hardware from a reliable and convenient source. You can easily purchase the best computer hardware online and at affordable prices. In addition, you can opt for used parts if you are spending on computer parts on a budget. In fact, gaming hardware is commonly sold and with different model specs.

Evaluate-the-computer-hardware how to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop

Troubleshoot and install

The final and most important step are to ensure that you troubleshoot and test the hardware. Owning a product with a warrant or some of the satisfaction guarantee will be important at this point. You might have to consider DIY computer repair tips or perhaps consult with a professional


In summary, upgrading an old laptop can be a great investment provided that you can make good choices. Consider the tips mentioned above for the best user experience each time. Upgrading your old laptop is a simple and straightforward procedure.