Do In-Ear Monitors Cost

If you are a singer or a musician there is a good chance that you have heard about in-ear monitors. These systems will not only improve your overall performance, but they will save your hearing.

There are a number of musicians that claim these systems really kill the ambient noise, but there are several ways that you can combat this issue. For instance, you can just have the sound engineers sounds of mikes that add to the monitor mix, which will allow the artist to get a feel for the room.

There are some professional that will go even as far as using 3D active ambient systems. These systems are really good for this very issue because they are designed to give the musician the ability to control how much ambient noise is heard.

That being said in-ear monitors come in a number of designs combined with different technologies. You can clearly see that these devices are essential, but as a working musician, your first question probably is how much do in-ear monitors cost?

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

For most musicians, it can be hard justifying spend a large amount of money on in-ear monitors. However, if you consider the fact that the best in-ear headphones for musicians could potentially last your entire career then it only makes sense to go ahead and invest a little more.

And, this is not to even mention the fact that they can save your long-term hearing.

That being said a general pair of in-ear monitors will run the average musician anywhere from $100 to $200. If you start getting into the higher end models, you could be looking at paying as much as $300 to $400, but they will be worth the extra investment.

In-ear-monitor How Much Do In-Ear Monitors Cost?

What Do You Need For Your Career?

Only you know what type of equipment you need for your career. Before investing in-ear monitors, you will need to sit down and ask yourself, will you earn money by using these products?

Will you improve your overall playing abilities by taking advantage of such products?

How much time each week are you going to spend playing or practicing?

It can really be hard for the volunteer musician that only plays at church once or twice a week justify spending $400 plus on in-ear monitors. However, for the career musician that is in and out of the clubs every day, it can be easy to justify the expense.

Do You Need Custom Molds Or General Fit?

When you are browsing for in-ear monitors, you will quickly discover that there are two basic options available. Yes, each different monitor will offer a number of sound technologies, but there are two basic models. These two basic models are the general fit and the custom mold.

The general fit options are just like a regular set of headphones. They designed with a general fit purpose, which means they will not mold to your ears. A custom mold is going to cost you more, but these models are specifically designed to fit your ear perfectly.

If you have a weird shaped ear or are worried about not finding a comfortable fit then it would be best to go ahead and spend a little more to get the custom mold design.

Custom fit monitors will probably also do a much better job of canceling out noise since they will fit perfectly in the ear canal. However, there are shell models available that will cover the entire ear.

in-ear-monitor-for-musicians How Much Do In-Ear Monitors Cost?

The Drivers Make A Difference

When shopping for in-ear monitors most musicians don’t really get wrapped up in the number of drivers.

However, for some musicians, this can make all the difference in the world. If you are playing two different instruments it would be best to opt for a device that offers at least two to three drivers. Of course, this is going to raise the overall end price, but it is a feature that will make a major difference in the low end and mid end definition.

Invest In A Durable Cable

If you have used any type of headphone, you already know that the most common component to fail is the cable. This is where a system with a detachable cable will come in handy. Once again, this will cost more in the long run, but it might actually increase the lifeline of your system.

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