Pubcookie would not exist without the commitment and support of the following developers, contributors, sponsors, and related software projects.

Core Developers:

Jim Blankenship University of Washington
Ryan Campell University of Washington (former)
Rob Christ University of Washington (former)
Jeff Eaton Carnegie Mellon University
Jim Fox University of Washington
Jeff Franklin University of Washington
Larry Greenfield Carnegie Mellon University (former)
Jon Miner University of Wisconsin
Ryan Muldoon University of Wisconsin (former)
Stephen Suh University of Washington (former)
Stephen Willey University of Washington

Core Contributors:

Nathan Dors University of Washington
Frank Fujimoto University of Washington
Scott Fullerton University of Wisconsin
RL “Bob” Morgan University of Washington
Lori Stevens University of Washington
Russell Tokuyama University of Hawaii
Pascal Wallenius University of Washington (former)

Other Contributors:

Bradford Barrett University of Florida
Maurizio Marini Cost Srl, Milan, Italy
Christopher Maxwell unaffiliated
Gary Mills University of Manitoba, Canada
Robert Knight Princeton University
Bradley Schwoerer University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Losen University of Virginia
Klas Lindfors Stockholm University
Allan E. Johannesen Worcester Polytechnic Institute
David Houlder Australian National University
Benjamin Armintor University of Texas-Austin
Doug DeJulio Carnegie Mellon University
Konstantin Ryabitsev McGill University
Chris Ries Carnegie Mellon University



(*) cgic, copyright 1996 by Thomas Boutell. Permission is granted to use cgic in any application, commercial or noncommercial, at no cost. HOWEVER, this copyright paragraph must appear on a “credits” page accessible in the public online and offline documentation of the program. Modified versions of the cgic library should not be distributed without the attachment of a clear statement regarding the author of the modifications, and this notice may in no case be removed. Modifications may also be submitted to the author for inclusion in the main cgic distribution.

(**) Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Note: This list may be incomplete. Please let us know if credit has not been given where it is due.