computer changed the world

It is true that computers keep on evolving and their capabilities are becoming important in our day to day activities. How computer changed the world every year? Well, it’s a truism that computers are powerful devices that are making life easy. While computers might be an important aspect of our lives, not many people are aware of how they impact our lives. Simply put, most computers comprises of special processing hardware. The computing hardware has special logic gates which help in calculations and general computing tasks. The size of these logic gates keeps on reducing with each passing year, meaning that computers are becoming powerful with each passing day. Computers are evolving each day to become a crucial aspect of most societies today.

Evolution and revolution

Each wave of novel computational solutions often paves the way for new systems and products that improve our quality of life. Computers have evolved from being simple manual devices such as the abacus, which was used in performing calculations to high-end mainframes. The first well knew digital calculators were developed in the World War II. Following this, the capabilities and functionalities of these devices have improved significantly over the years. The conventional computer features at least one processing aspect, which is in most cases a CPU. The functionality of the conventional CPU has improved significantly to make these devices powerful computing solution.

Broadly speaking, the history of computing hardware has comprised of the following general categorizations:

  • The First generation (mechanical/electromechanical)- pascals calculator and the difference engine
  • The Second generation (vacuum tubes)- Atanasoff–Berry Computer
  • The Third generation (discrete transistors and LSI integrated circuits)- BUNCH and Colossus
  • The Fourth generation (VLSI integrated circuits)- Intel 4040 and Zilog Z80
  • The Theoretical/experimental- quantum computers

How computers have changed the world each year

Computers are simply special devices that can process data and provide output. These devices are often customized to achieve some form of goal or computing functionality. Computers have evolved significantly over the years to become a crucial aspect of our lives today. In fact, these tools are found almost everywhere. This includes microwaves, mobile phones, alarm systems, vehicles, medical machines, televisions and more. The computers make it simple to complete everyday tasks, and they also make life easier.

More so, we also have computers which are devices which one can use for computing purposes. This includes tablets, laptops, desktops and more. These types of computers are essential in almost every critical discipline in life. This includes medicine, science, engineering, construction among many others. Computers were initially essential devices which were large and could only perform basic computations. However, these contrivances have improved significantly over the years to make them key solutions for computing purposes.


Taking all things into perspective, computers keep on evolving with each passing year, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are various types of computers and with as many different functionalities. These things are becoming powerful and compact, which makes them integral aspects of our lives.