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Announcing Pubcookie 3.3.3
Component:  Pubcookie 3.3.3
Audience:  All
Modified:  September 12, 2007

Release notes for Pubcookie 3.3.3:

Subject: Pubcookie 3.3.3 Released

Pubcookie 3.3.3 has been posted on the project web site.

This release fixes several minor issues identified in the Apache module
and one in the ISAPI filter:

   * Fixed Apache module not to handle /favicon.ico requests when
     Pubcookie authentication isn't enabled. (A problem originally
     reported by Matt Petro, University of Wisconsin - Madison.)

   * Fixed Apache module internal redirects to forward mod_pubcookie
     headers to the new request record. (Improves compatibility with

   * Fixed Apache module POST login method to preserve and restore 
     query string as well as post data.

   * Modified ISAPI filter to log expired granting cookies as errors.
     (This should help troubleshoot authentication failures due to 
     incorrect date/time settings.)

Note: No changes have been made to the login server software between
versions 3.3.2d and 3.3.3.

As ever, feedback posted to the community email lists is encouraged. 

Nathan Dors
Pubcookie Project
University of Washington
Phone: 206/543-0624
FAX: 206/221-6966

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