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Announcing Pubcookie 3.3.2d
Component:  Pubcookie 3.3.2d
Audience:  All
Modified:  July 2, 2007

Release notes for Pubcookie 3.3.2d:

Subject: Pubcookie 3.3.2d Released

Pubcookie 3.3.2d has been posted on the project web site.

This Unix-only release includes the following changes since 3.3.2c:

   * Security fix for login cgi vulnerability disclosed June 28, 2007.

   * Minor bug fix for Apache module handling of characters such as
     colons that were being converted to other characters during login.

Version 3.3.2d is now the current production release of the Pubcookie
login server and Apache module. No changes have been made to the 
ISAPI filter, therefore version 3.3.2c remains the current production
release of that component.


Nathan Dors
Pubcookie Project
University of Washington
Phone: 206/543-0624
FAX: 206/221-6966

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