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Modified:  August 2, 2010


The Pubcookie source code repository is available via anonymous read-only web-based ViewVC or via SVN over HTTPS WebDAV.

Anonymous Web-Based Access

Anonymous read-only web-based access is available here:

Anonymous SVN Access

Anonymous read-only SVN access is available here:

Authenticated Developer Access

The full repository name is:

A UW NetID and password is required for authentication. Contact for details.

We only support authenticated SVN over HTTPS WebDAV.

Note: The full name should only need to be specified for checkouts.

Note: CVS users may not be used to adding "trunk" on the end but leaving it off will reference both the trunk and branches.

Note: Password-less interaction is supported via svn password caching. This should only be used on non-shared access machines. Some clients will cache the the password credential for you. We recommend limiting password caching to single user systems or where you trust the integrity of the file system permissions. With the UNIX command line client this caching can be turned off with the --no-auth-cache option or setting "store-auth-creds = no" in your Subversion runtime config file: ~/.subversion/config.

Note: The server identifies itself using SSL certificate issued by the UW Services CA.

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Modified: August 2, 2010